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Transfer to Yourself

Transfer funds between accounts you have with Orlando Credit Union and another financial institution.

Make transfers by navigating to Move Money > External Transfers > Transfers Between My Accounts > Add New Account. You’ll need to provide a routing number and account number.

  • Withdraw and deposit funds between your accounts.
  • Make payments to your credit cards and loans.
  • Schedule regularly recurring transfers.

Transfer to Others

Popmoney® is a personal payment service built into Orlando Credit Union's Online Banking and the Orlando Credit Union app. Send and receive money — no cash or checks required! 


Access Popmoney by navigating to Move Money > External Transfers > Pay Other People > Add a New Contact.

  • Send money to an email, mobile phone number or bank account.
  • Funds can be sent on a chosen date.
  • Choose between a one-time or recurring payment.
  • Recipients don’t need a Popmoney account to receive funds.
  • Request money from others.
  • Pay from an Orlando Credit Union account of your choosing.

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How Popmoney Works