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Orlando FCU

As you start or end certain services with Orlando Federal Credit Union, you may be required to fill out a form. Please find applicable forms below. Forms should be filled out using your computer, or in some cases, by hand. 

Please bring these forms to a local credit union branch or fax them to the OFCU Call Center at 407.404.5151.

ESA and IRA Forms

Find the forms you need for educational savings accounts and individual retirement accounts.

Account Closing Interview

In order to close your account, please fill out this form. Please remember that if you have a checking account, you must also fill out the Checking Account Closure Agreement.

Automatic Transfer Request Form

Schedule automatic transfers to your loans or savings accounts.

Checking Account Closure Form

In order to close your checking account, please complete this form.

Debit Card Application

Request your Visa® debit card to use together with your savings account(s) or checking account(s).

Debit Card Reorder Request Form

Reorder your Visa debit card with this request form.

Deposit Withdrawal Slip

Save time when visiting one of our branches. Fill out and print this deposit withdrawal slip.

Direct Deposit Setup

No form is necessary to set up direct deposit! Instead, simply call us at 407.835.3500, option 7, or visit any of our branch locations.

Overdraft Opt-In Form

Learn about overdraft protection rules and opt-in to the overdraft program with this form.

Check Order Form

Order or reorder checks with this form.

Stop Payment Request Form

Stop payments for checks or ACH transactions.

Unauthorized Debit Activity Form

Dispute unauthorized or improper automated clearinghouse (ACH) debit transactions that were charged to your account.

Wiring Instructions

All outgoing wire transfer requests are processed at our branch locations. Please read this document for instructions and requirements.

Have You Tried Online Banking?

Did you know you don’t need most of these forms? With Online Banking, you can apply for accounts and loans without faxing a thing! 


Have questions? We're here to help.