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  • What Is The Difference Between My Current And Available Balances?

    When you call or go online to check your account balance, you may see two different amounts reflected – your Current Balance and the Available Balance.

    Current Balance – The amount of money that is in your account at any given time.  It reflects transactions that have posted to (cleared) your account, but not items that are outstanding.

    Available Balance – The amount of money in your account that is available for you to use. The available balance includes holds placed on deposits and pending transactions (such as pending debit card purchases) that Orlando Credit Union has authorized but have not posted to your account.

  • Banking-Related Numbers

  • What is the routing number for my account?


  • What is my 13 digit account number?

    Your 13-digit account number, also referred to as ACH/MICR number, starts with a 1 followed by a 2-digit Share ID (i.e. savings, checking, money market etc.), zeroes, and your member number (3-7 digits)

    For example:
    Share ID=00 and your member number 123456 then your ACH/MICR number will be 1000000123456
    Share ID=01 and your member number 1234567 then your ACH/MICR number will be 1010001234567

  • When do I need my 13 digit account number?

    • Set up automatic deposits or payments i.e. payroll direct deposit, IRS direct deposit, pension deposit, pay utility bills, set up bill pay service.
    • Wiring money
    • Ordering checks
    • Set up external transfers to and from your account.
  • Where can I find my 13 digit account number?

    In Online banking or Mobile banking: Login to your account, view your account history and select "Show Details"
    You can also locate the ACH number on the bottom of your checks

    Where can I find my Share ID?
    Your 2-digit share ID identifies the type of account such as Savings, Checking, Money Market, Vacation Club, Christmas Club, IRA. It can be located in:

    Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Your Share ID is displayed next to your account type.

  • Checks

  • How can I order (or reorder) checks?

    You can order (or re-order) checks here or log into your online banking account, select Account Services, then select Check Reorder.

  • Fraud

  • I found transactions on my credit card that I did not authorize, what do I do?

    Call us immediately at 407.835.3500.

  • Pending Transactions

  • What are pending transactions?

    Pending transactions are anticipated future transactions which can include deposits (credits) or debit transactions. Orlando Credit Union displays pending transactions for tracking purposes and as a courtesy to members.

    Pending deposits are generally future dated ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) deposits provided by third party entities such as the IRS, your employer or government agencies that appear in online and mobile banking. Funds are made available on the effective date that the depositing entity has set.

    Pending credit card and signature-based debit transactions are authorized and processed by merchants. Depending on the merchant, pending transactions can take a couple of days to post to your account. If the merchant does not process the transaction within a couple of days, the pending transaction may "disappear" after 24 hours and reflect in your balance once it is processed by the merchant. Please track your expenses to avoid any surprises.

    You can see which transactions are pending on the transaction history page in online and mobile banking.

  • How do pending transactions affect my account balance?

    Pending transactions let you know how much money is slated to be withdrawn from or deposited into your account. They will reflect in your Available Balance. Please note: Pending transactions will "expire" within 24 hours. If a merchant does not process a transaction in that time frame, the transaction will reflect in your balance once it has been processed by the merchant.

  • Is it possible to have a pending transaction amount that's different than the actual amount?

    Yes, sometimes merchants send an authorization before they have the final total. For instance, gas stations often authorize a set amount before you pump your fuel. Or, if you add a tip at a restaurant, the pending transaction will usually show the pre-tip total, while the transaction that posts will reflect the full charge.

    If the amount isn't correct when the transaction posts, contact the merchant and ask for the error to be corrected. If the merchant refuses, we may be able to help you dispute the transaction.

  • I saw a pending transaction - why is it gone and the transaction isn't reflected in my Available Balance?

    Usually transactions post before the pending transaction expires. However, the merchant may not process the transaction before the hold is released. In this case, it will be important to remember your available balance no longer reflects this transaction and will be reduced again when the transaction posts to your account.

  • Why isn't my pending deposit available?

    Pending deposits are anticipated future transactions provided from third party entities --such as the IRS, your employer or government agencies -- that the credit union displays for the courtesy of our members. These funds will be available on the effective date that the depositing entity has set. For example, your payroll check may show pending in your account on Tuesday; however, the funds may not be deposited until Wednesday, based on your employer's instructions.

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