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Inside each edition of the newsletter you’ll hear from our CEO, get the latest news on our credit union and learn financial tips and strategies. New editions are posted each quarter.


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2023 Quarter 3
  • Orlando Credit Union Earns Community Development Certification to Better Serve Central Florida
  • Board Election Announcement
  • How to Combat Financial Elder Fraud

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Join our experts to learn about building wealth, our changing economy, the benefits of many financial products and services, and more. Tune in for new episodes dropping twice a month.


The Member Service Center: How Orlando Credit Union Utilizes This Tool to Assist Members

Orlando Credit Union’s Millenia location Branch Manager of Retail Operations, Kim Drobny, discusses how the Member Service Center, Orlando Credit Union’s call center, is utilized to assist members in daily financial transactions. (Duration: 15:00)

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Past Editions

2023 Quarter 2

  • Save the date for our annual meeting!
  • What to Know About Auto Financing with Orlando Credit Union

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2023 Quarter 1

  • Turn to Orlando Credit Union to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals
  • All members are invited to join us for the 87th Annual Meeting

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2022 Quarter 4

  • Achieve Your Financial Goals by Utilizing Orlando Credit Union’s Instrumental Products & Services
  • The Benefit of Prioritizing Your Savings

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2022 Quarter 3

  • Become Financial Free: Strategies to Help on Your Journey
  • Reach Financial Freedom with Orlando Credit Union’s Comprehensive Financial Tools

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2022 Quarter 2

  • Overcoming Inflation: How to Budget as Prices Rise
  • How Orlando Credit Union Can Help Minimize Inflation’s Impact on Your Wallet

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2022 Quarter 1

  • One Step Closer to the Home of Your Dreams
  • Reaching Resolutions with Wow! Rewards

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2021 Quarter 4

  • Earn rewards while doing your everyday banking with our NEW Wow! Rewards Program
  • 5 Ways Credit Union Credit Cards Can Beat Flashy Bank Offers

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2021 Quarter 3

  • Four Ways Your Business Can Becomes More Resilient
  • Three Trends Home Buyers Should Watch for this Summer

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2021 Quarter 2

  • Orlando Credit Union Is Celebrating 85 Years of Serving Members
  • Member Benefits & Announcements

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Past Episodes

The Benefits of Auto Financing with Orlando Credit Union

Orlando Credit Union’s Apopka location Assistant Branch Manager, April Bell, discusses everything to consider when looking at auto financing options. We break down the steep monthly rates that many are paying for auto loans, and we discuss how taking out an auto loan can impact your credit score. (Duration: 16:25)

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The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying

Orlando Credit Union’s Real Estate Lending Manager, Keith Bertrand, discusses the benefits of buying vs. renting. We look at the pros and cons of both and determine how to know which option is best for you. (Duration: 17:48)

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Commercial Banking: How to Navigate in a Changing Economy

Commercial Banker Brett Childers discusses the influence that our economy has had on commercial banking over the years. We dive into the impact of 2020’s economic state on businesses and look at best practices for companies to consider when it comes to navigating the economy. (Duration: 15:50)

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Why Homeowners Insurance Is Essential in Florida

Orlando Credit Union’s Real Estate Lending Manager, Keith Bertrand, breaks down the importance of having homeowners insurance in Florida. With hurricane season impacting many Floridians, it’s important to know that your property is protected. Tune in to learn about the many options you have when it comes to insurance. (Duration: 18:08)

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Bank from Anywhere with Orlando Credit Union Digital Products

In this episode we sit down with Orlando Credit Union’s Regional Manager of Retail Operations, Cody Elvin, to discuss the benefits of utilizing digital products. Find out how digital wallets can not only be a great alternative to your tangible credit card but can also be a safer option to carry around. (Duration: 18:18)

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