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How to Make Online Payments (New)

  1. Simply log into Orlando Credit Union's Online Banking or Mobile App to access Loan Pay.
  2. Loan Pay can be found:
  • In Online Banking – By clicking on Pay Now in My Loan Payment Guide on the Main Page or by clicking on the Move Money tab in the top navigation, then clicking Loan Pay.
  • In the Mobile App – By clicking More in the bottom navigation, then clicking Loan Payment.

3. Choose to pay from your Orlando Credit Union account, by using an account you have with another financial institution or by using a debit card.

4. Set up a one-time, weekly, biweekly or monthly recurring payment with your checking or savings account from any financial institution.

5. View your scheduled loan payments and manage external accounts.


  • If you’re an Orlando Credit Union member, you can make payments to your loans free of charge by using your routing and checking/savings account number at another financial institution.
  • You may also make loan payments by debit card (Visa/Mastercard).

Debit Card Fee

Consumer Loan Payment by Debit Card

Loan Payment Fee $4.95

Existing eLoan Payment Users 

For members who are already enrolled in eLoan Payment, you can access the old eLoan Payment service through the following links:


  • Payments to your Orlando Credit Union loans are FREE of charge when you pay from your savings or checking account at another financial institution.
  • Fees apply to make loan payments with your debit card (Visa/MasterCard). Fee schedule is as following:
    Consumer Loan Payment by Visa or Mastercard Debit Card
    Loan Payment Amount up to: Fee
    $275 $7.95
    $475 $12.95
    $675 $17.95
    $875 $22.95
    $1000 $27.95
    Mortgage Loan Payment by Visa or Mastercard Debit Card
    Loan Payment Amount up to: Fee
    $499 $20
    $999 $27.50
    $1499 $38.50
    $1999 $51.00
    $2499 $63.50
    $2999 $76
    $3499 $88.50
    $4000 $100

Orlando Credit Union will be discontinuing the old eLoan Payment Service in August. Please use the new Loan Payment option (details above) for a more cost-effective, user-friendly option.

Prepare you and your family for the worst

In the event of your disability or death, Orlando Credit Union offers Payment Protection Insurance that can reduce or pay off your loan balance.

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