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Fraud Protection

Stay alerted to the latest security threats.

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Security of your membership and account is important. As a member, we provide fraud alerts to you informing of potential fraud impacting your account, membership, and/or all the products you engage with Orlando Credit Union in usage of. Below please find common fraudulent occurrences for your reference as you protect yourself.


Fraud Targeting Card Holders
(Both Orlando Credit Union Debit and Credit Card Holders)

Orlando Credit Union or the vendors (VISA) we partner with in providing card(s) to you will NOT now or EVER contact you seeking:

  • A card pin number
  • A card CVV number
  • A card password
  • A social security number

By any of the following channel formats including but not limited to:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Text message

If you receive such engagement DO NOT RESPOND.

To avoid falling prey to scammers, always verify the legitimacy of a phone number before making any calls. 

Please ensure you are calling the official and correct phone numbers when contacting us for cards.

Receipt of Fraudulent Checks

Orlando Credit Union will not send you an Orlando Credit Union logo imprinted check to be used for the purpose of “Purchase Training Equipment.” Such checks are often counterfeit. DO NOT attempt to CASH this product. Please contact Orlando Credit Union at 1.800.953.4567 to verify the legitimacy of the check.

Loan Proceeds

Do NOT provide online banking credentials as a means to receive what you believe to be loan proceeds or disbursements. Legitimate lenders will deposit funds via ACH or provide a check. If you are asked to pay a large fee in order to receive these funds then the transaction is not legitimate. Legitimate lenders may charge a small application fee, typically around $35 or $50, and in some cases, this fee may be integrated into the loan.

Fraudulent Sweepstakes Winner

If you receive a communication by:

  • Letter
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Text message

…that you are the winner of a sweepstakes with a check enclosed with the Orlando Credit Union logo on it and a request for you to contact the sweepstakes drawing organization so that they may assist you with managing the tax implications from your winnings. DO NOT contact the sweepstakes reference. This is usually a fraudulent set of actions. Instead, please contact Orlando Credit Union at 1.800.953.4567, inform us of your circumstance and we will determine the legitimacy of the interaction.


Reporting Fraud

Contact Orlando Credit Union

You may email any fraud or risk related concerns at any time to Orlando Credit Union at

We are also available by phone at 1.800.953.4567 should you prefer speaking with one of our Service Center professionals. Member Service Center hours are: Monday - Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission

You can also report fraud concerns to the Federal Trade Commission at


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