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A Message From The CEO

Suzanne Weinstein, President & CEO

Suzanne Weinstein

Turn to Orlando Credit Union to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals: Products and Services to Put You on the Right Track

January 2023

In 2022, a conducted national survey revealed that 84% of Americans made a New Year’s resolution to improve their financial situation. With inflation still a factor as we enter 2023, Americans are expected to continue prioritizing their financial well-being by, once again, making resolutions to achieve monetary goals throughout the year. Many of the goals we’ve seen in the past include paying down debt, improving one’s credit score, saving more, and creating a personal budget. These financial goals are, more than likely, what we will see Americans working to achieve in the upcoming year as well.

At Orlando Credit Union, we pride ourselves in providing products and services to help our members meet these goals. Working to reach monetary achievements, whether big or small, can be a daunting task to take on by oneself. That is why Orlando Credit Union provides an abundance of products and services for our members to utilize in their venture toward financial well-being.

One of the all-inclusive tools we offer to our members is Money Management through online banking. Utilizing this service allows members to view transactions and spending breakdowns for specific date ranges, set up financial goals and budgets, and view trends to see how their spending looks over time. This is not only beneficial to help members reach their goals, but also helpful in keeping members on the right track even after achievements have been met. Additionally, by adding cash events to track important dates surrounding money, members can guarantee themselves financial preparedness in the future.

We also understand the benefit that financial advice can have when working to meet goals. Along with offering our members ways to better manage their money, we also work to provide them with tools to build a better understanding of how to navigate their finances. Orlando Credit Union works to share tips and tactics to reach financial well-being through our social media platforms. Through these outlets, we offer solutions to consider when combatting financial stress, inflation, unanticipated expenses, and more.

If your financial goals include decreasing your debt or improving your credit score, Orlando Credit Union also provides resources to actively overcome existing debt. GreenPath is a partner of Orlando Credit Union and a nonprofit company that equips people with the knowledge to live a financially healthy lifestyle. With 60 years of experience successfully counseling millions of Americans, GreenPath is one of the nation’s most trusted financial health and wellness services. Through GreenPath, members can access personalized assistance with budgeting, debt repayment, housing counseling, student loan counseling, and more.

For those who worked persistently in 2022 to achieve those financial goals and are now able to say, “yes” to something bigger, turn to Orlando Credit Union for vehicle loans, mortgages, or personal loans. Additionally, Orlando Credit Union will be launching enhanced business accounts and business lending products this year for those looking to target the financial momentum of their business. We will be announcing further details on these products in the near future. As a member of the credit union, our team works to empower your goals, dreams, and life that happens in between. To find out about the many other products and services offered at Orlando Credit Union, scroll up to the top of this page and explore our navigation menus.


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