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Reach Financial Freedom With Orlando Credit Union’s Comprehensive Financial Tools

July 2022

A credit score can be an important factor in many of life’s most anticipated decisions such as homeownership, managing debt, and employment, as well as being an indicator if you’re on the right financial path. With the fluctuation in today’s economic climate, keeping an eye on the health of your credit can be even more beneficial to help maneuver unexpected changes. Only a reported 8.6% of Americans check their credit score frequently. Orlando Credit Union hopes to change this statistic by offering new tools and guidance for members to monitor and improve their credit.

The importance of understanding and maintaining your credit score goes well beyond having a higher likelihood of being approved for a credit card or loan. It can help you qualify to rent or own property, save you money on loan and credit card interest rates, assist you in landing a job and even provide awareness into fraudulent activity. Orlando Credit Union recently launched My Credit Score, a resource to provide members with more insights and information about their credit score. Members can easily access their credit score and view a synopsis of their credit health every time they log into online or mobile banking. My Credit Score offers comprehensive credit score analyses to give members a current snapshot of their credit, personalized offers to save on interest, and so much more. Helping members achieve financial freedom and reach their financial goals is a top priority for our credit union and offering tools to create a deeper awareness of the importance of creditworthiness is just one of the many ways we provide financial guidance.

In addition to My Credit Score, Orlando Credit Union also provides resources to assist those with existing financial challenges in developing a plan to improve their financial outlook. GreenPath, a partner of Orlando Credit Union and a non-profit company, equips people with the knowledge to live a financially healthy lifestyle. With 60 years of experience successfully counseling millions of Americans, GreenPath is one of the nation’s most trusted financial health and wellness services. Through this program, members can access personalized guidance with budgeting, debt repayment, housing counseling, student loan counseling, and so much more. Whether you are adjusting to the financial changes of higher rent, working to pay off your debt, or simply hoping to develop a stronger sense of budgeting, GreenPath is available to coach you through.

With the constant, unpredictable changes of today’s economic picture, Orlando Credit Union understands the importance of gaining help and guidance maneuvering financial ups and downs. To members who are working to become homeowners, we are here to offer you the most fitting mortgage option for your financial situation. To members who are striving to break free from debt, we understand your dedication toward reaching that goal and will continue to offer ways to make progress. To members who are looking for a more digestible understanding of how to manage their finances, we want you to know that you are not alone and that we have tools to equip you with the proper resources.

By providing easy access and assistance through resources like My Credit Score and GreenPath, we hope to ease the minds of our members — no matter what they are facing financially. Remember, the doors of our credit union are always open, as we hope to turn our members’ questions into resolutions. To find out about the many fiscally beneficial tools we offer at Orlando Credit Union, review our main menu above.