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Achieve Your Financial Goals by Utilizing Orlando Credit Union's Instrumental Products & Services

October 2022

October is a special month for Orlando Credit Union with October 20th being International Credit Union Day. As we prepare to celebrate, we are reminded of the many members that have been a part of our journey. Whether you have been a member with us for many years, or you are new to our credit union, we are here to say, “Thank you,” as you are a big part of our growth. Since you have been there for us, we vow to be there for you by offering products and services to make meeting financial goals an attainable feat.

At Orlando Credit Union, we understand that there are many components that make up your finances. While you may have a goal to put more of your paycheck into savings or to pay off your debt, setting aside that extra money can be a challenge as prices are rising on all other fronts. That is why we are working hard to offer you beneficial financial services at a discount. Explore endless travel opportunities with Credit Union Travel Club. Orlando Credit Union members can receive exclusive discounts on hotels, cruises, car rentals, and more. While we strive to support leisurely activities through Credit Union Travel Club, we also work to support your security by offering our members up to 35% off on IdentityIQ credit report monitoring and identity theft protection plans. Through this program, our members benefit from daily 3-bureau credit report monitoring, internet monitoring, and more.

Additionally, we understand the benefit that financial guidance can have when working to meet your goals. Along with offering our members discounted rates on services, we also work to provide them with tools to build a better understanding of how to navigate their finances. We understand that some of life’s greatest challenges can often lead back to money, which is why our credit union works to share tips and tactics to maintain financial wellness through our Financial Fitness Center blog and our social media platforms. Through these outlets, we offer solutions when combatting financial stress, inflation, unanticipated expenses, and more.

While we continue to develop new advancements that provide our members with discounted financial services and content to aid in navigating life’s monetary challenges, we also take pride in the fact that we prioritize our loyalty to our members with the utmost importance. To achieve your financial goals, you need to make sure you are relying on a credit union you can trust to have your back. Orlando Credit Union strives to be that support system for each of our members and potential members. In doing this, we acknowledge the feedback each of you share with us and make that feedback a reality. We listened when our members asked for a rewards program by providing them with our Wow! Rewards points program. This product gives our members the ability to combine credit card points with points earned by doing everyday banking activities to redeem big rewards.

Orlando Credit Union continues to provide each of our members with loyalty, guidance, and discounted financial services as we strive to meet member needs and work to achieve goals. To find out about the many other products and services offered at Orlando Credit Union, head to our website for more information.