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Smart Vehicle Buying Tips During COVID-19

People are losing their jobs. Stay-at-home orders, though not mandated, are strongly advised for everyone unless absolutely necessary. With the world market plummeting, there are very few silver linings. One, however, has reared its head: vehicle buying. Right now is actually not a bad time to buy a car. Prices seem to be dropping and dealers are trying everything they can to pull people in. Do you have the money? Is there a car you’re just itching to have? Keep reading.

The current global situation is causing car manufacturers to do anything they can to keep sales coming in. It isn’t hard to imagine the small amount of customer traffic going through dealerships. To combat this, dealerships are creating incentives to lure people into their showrooms. 

As always, when buying a new vehicle, you need to be smart. Do your homework and shop around. See who is offering the lowest prices and best deals. A global pandemic is no substitute for doing your own leg work. While this is only speculation, the need to move product can work in your favor when buying a new vehicle. Salespeople are looking to make money like always. It might sound crude, but use the fact that there’s very little business to your advantage. 

Of course, this all assumes you have the money to buy without exacerbating an already stressful situation. Also, please don’t take this as an endorsement to put your health or the health of others at risk. Remember, online shopping opportunities are available, too. Please be smart and discern if this is the right time for you. And if it is, check with us for financing opportunities.