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Make the Most Out of Time with Friends and Family Without Breaking the Bank

According to the CDC, one-third of adults aged 45 or older claim to feel lonely, and one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated. When it comes to social interaction, spending time with friends and family is an important part of physical and mental health. In fact, the CDC also states that lack of social interaction has been linked to dementia, heart disease, and strokes. In other words, spending time with your loved ones is vital for your health. With the rising prices of restaurants and activities, bonding with friends and family can come with a steep price. Instead of exceeding your budget on a night out, suggest cheap alternatives when making plans to get together with loved ones. Consider some of the following activities as you plan your next social outing.

Game Night
For board or card game lovers, setting up a group game night is a fantastic way to incorporate social bonding with friends or family while staying within your budget. This option may be a better suggestion than a movie night because it allows you to develop a deeper bond with friends and family by incorporating competitive fun for all.

If games aren’t for you, hosting a potluck is another option to bring everyone together without going out on the town. A potluck is traditionally known as a gathering in which every guest or group contributes a homemade dish of food to be shared. This typically results in a surplus of food, and usually keeps the cost below $15 per family.

Sports Watch Parties 
This one is for those of us who love the atmosphere of a sports bar but don’t love the prices of the food or drinks. Similar to a potluck, invite friends and family over to watch the big game, and ask everyone to bring one thing. You can all cheer together, or root against each other; regardless, you’ll be fueling that desire for camaraderie while staying within budget.

Outdoor Activities
Whether you enjoy riding bikes or taking a walk with friends or family, there are so many opportunities to fuel your physical and mental health by getting outside. What is the best part about this course of action? Virtually all your resources are typically free. Orlando is filled with beautiful parks and lakes to give you serene, scenic views as you spend time with loved ones participating in your favorite outdoor activities.

Find Deals
If you do make plans that involve spending money, do your research beforehand. Take to the internet and keep an eye out for deals, coupons, free events, and more. Often, travel sites such as Expedia and apps such as Groupon have helpful deals to guide you toward an affordable night out with friends.

Next time a friend or family member calls with an invitation for a night out, don’t decline; instead, suggest one of these equally enjoyable and significantly more affordable alternatives.