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Home Decor Sales And COVID-19

Remote work has become the norm. Due to COVID-19, most businesses have sent their employees home, implementing remote work schedules, and using Zoom meetings as a means to check in on workers. Obviously, sales of cleaning supplies have grown quite a bit. Oddly enough, home decor purchases have seen exponential growth as well. While this might not be for everyone, perhaps starting an online home decor business might be for you.

Why is there a sudden boom in home decor?

It has a lot to do with remote work. As mentioned, telecommuting has become the norm. Some businesses are even discussing keeping employees at home regardless of COVID-19. Productivity seems to be up and overhead costs on office space will inevitably drop. With this new workplace, people are forced to look at their homes and are deciding now is a good time to redecorate. It makes sense. For those who have not had their workflow disrupted by the pandemic, money is still coming in. And as it turns out, people don’t like to work in unclean, unkept, undecorated surroundings. They need new equipment and furniture.

Interestingly, office furniture is set to help bring the economy back on track with $22.67 billion in growth between 2020-2024. That’s quite the market. The connection between COVID-19 and office furniture sales isn’t explicitly stated, but there is a logical correlation between those who are staying at home for prolonged periods of time and the uptick in sales that are being predicted.

Art has become a hot commodity also. While there are some states beginning to open back up, most businesses are still not considered essential. Art galleries are among them. As a result, most art sales are being held online, making this a particularly lucrative business.

While COVID-19 did punch the economy in the gut, there are silver linings. Online sales are up for home decor, and society doesn’t appear to be on the verge of economic collapse. The remote workspace seems to be helping the economy remain alive during these hard times.