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Empower Your Financial Future: The Benefit of Prioritizing Your Savings

Recognizing International Credit Union Day on October 21st means reflecting on the many ways a credit union can add value to your financial well-being. This year, the Credit Union National Association has chosen to bring awareness to the impact that a credit union can make on your financial future. Credit unions can empower that future by offering unique financial tools to aid in the overarching goal of achieving financial well-being for all. One of the best ways to set yourself up for future success is by prioritizing your savings. There are many ways you can do this at home; however, it doesn’t hurt to have some help. Orlando Credit Union offers a variety of savings accounts to consider along with many other tools that make putting money away much easier.

Get Started
The first step to prioritizing your savings is to simply get started. If you do not already have a savings account, Orlando Credit Union offers a variety of options to choose from. When it comes to saving, it often never feels like a good time to start. Life can throw us financial curveballs, and it is all too easy to push off putting money into savings. However, the best time to start is now. Utilizing a savings account with Orlando Credit Union means competitive dividend rates to help your money grow, with convenient deposit and withdrawal options at an ATM or in-person.

Get Disciplined
Getting started is the easy part. What comes next is frequently the biggest challenge: staying disciplined and consistent. After an exhausting week at work, receiving a paycheck often feels like a reward. Having the discipline to transfer money from your checking account to your savings account requires an immense amount of self-control. Luckily, there are ways to make this task less daunting. Setting up an automatic transfer with each pay period is a helpful way to contribute to your savings without feeling like you are missing out on that money. With this feature you have the option to choose a certain percentage of your income to be deposited directly into your savings. This is a great way to help you grow that financial cushion without having the temptation to push off that transfer until the next paycheck.

Get Outside
Implementing a savings plan does not mean that you must stay home and refrain from spending money on enjoyable activities. In fact, Orlando Credit Union offers discounts to make fun money more accessible amid growing your savings. With Love My Credit Union Rewards, credit union members can access exclusive savings on theme parks, movie theater tickets, shows and events, and much more. Save smarter while empowering your financial future by taking advantage of the many, discounted entertainment opportunities that come with being an Orlando Credit Union member. For more information, head to Orlando Credit Union’s website. Utilize our financial tools today to set yourself up for a better tomorrow.