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What to Consider Before Dropping Cash this Valentine's Day.

Special occasions often give us a sense of spending power. It feels as though holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and even birthdays give us the green light to bombard ourselves with bills to make the moment perfect. However, what does this mindless method do for us once the moment passes and the credit card statements start rolling in? Typically, it brings the question, "How am I going to pay this in time?" No momentary, unnecessary expense is worth facing financial stress. That is why it is important to ask yourself if you are financially F.I.T. and able to afford the expenses that will follow.

Factor your finances

Do I have enough money in my account right now to give me the confidence that I could pay off these expenses immediately? If the answer to this question is no, you should reconsider what you are spending. Always make sure you are living within your means when making an extravagant purchase.

Inquire About Ambitions

Ask yourself, "Am I where I would like to be financially?" If you are on the road to financial recovery, there is a good chance you are not in a position to be shelling out spending money. If your partner is expecting an extravagant gift or date, explain your financial situation to them. Chances are, they'll encourage you to keep making steps in the right direction. Grandiose Valentine's Day plans are a luxury, and it is okay to prioritize financial fitness over an elegant evening. Down the road, you will be able to create a perfect date night without worrying about sinking into debt in the process.

Tame a Turnaround

Will this spending spree cause me to make steps in the opposite direction of my goals? Consider the positive financial footsteps you've taken and weight the worth of an elegant restaurant or gift impacting your progress. Always consider how far you've come before you make a financial decision that has the potential to carry you back to square one.

Once you have stepped back and considered these three things, you will be able to make the best decision for you. Remember, each person is on their own individual financial journey. Focus on your finances today so that you can make steps toward a better tomorrow.