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The Coronavirus and Your Finances

The United States is facing a very difficult time. There is a life-threatening illness going around the world and it has affected most of the states in our country. Regardless of how we got here, the fact is we are here. Because of recent proclamations from the CDC, gatherings of sizes more than ten are strongly advised against. It isn’t difficult to see the effect this will have on working-class people. If you are one of those whose pocketbook is being hit by the current pandemic, there are things in place that can help get you through this uncomfortable period. 

  1. For anyone who cannot go into work because of health regulations passed through their company, there have been amendments made that can allow you to receive unemployment. 
  2. Now, if your inability to work is causing bills to potentially go unpaid, call your creditors and let them know of the situation. They will work with you. They are being hit just as you are. 
  3. Hopefully, you’re managing to stay healthy, but if you’re worried about how you’re feeling and perhaps have symptoms of any kind, do not hesitate to call your healthcare provider. Most are doing phone or video consults, eliminating the potential of you actually contracting something from another patient. Testing for the coronavirus will be free for everyone.
  4. It is no surprise when the country is in a state of panic, food can and will become scarce. If you have none for whatever reason, call the USDA National Hunger Hotline. The numbers are 1-866-348-6479 and 1-877-842-6273. They will provide you with food banks and other similar entities near your location.

While it is the hope of everyone that none of these resources ever be used, please remember they are available to help you. And if you can, share these tips with friends and families. The fewer people we have panicking, the better off everyone will be. Stay safe.