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The Benefits of Building Over Buying

In today’s housing market, we are seeing mind-blowing numbers for potential homebuyers to ponder as they look at the real estate across their area. Many times, these outrageously priced homes do not even meet the qualifications of what these homebuyers are looking for. This dilemma has some people considering the benefits of building over buying. While this is not feasible for every household, those that can realistically evaluate making that move must also contemplate if the lengthy process is worth it. We’re taking a look at some of the claimed “biggest” benefits to consider when building a home. The three S’s: style, sustainability, and safety.
Easily one of the biggest benefits to building from the ground up is the stylistic freedom that often makes the process worth it in itself. Whether you like traditional, modern, farmhouse, or more, the options are endless when it comes to building. You get to call the shots down to every last doorknob.
Not only can you create a home with the exact atmosphere you hope to cultivate, but you can also hand pick the appliances you want. Making steps toward an energy efficient home is easier than ever with this option. Right out of the gate, you can choose appliances and gadgets that you are confident will save money and energy. Although finding the perfect products will take some time, the long-term results will be worth the legwork.
Another thing that may take some research, but will benefit you as a homeowner, is electing to use safe materials in your home. Building from scratch allows you the option to choose non-toxic materials. Working with a construction company that equally values safety can make this process easier. Do your research and look into finding a company that works toward your goals alongside you. Remember, this process can be completely catered to your home wants and needs. You have the option to customize everything from where your lot is located to what construction company you’d like to work with.

Additionally, if you are looking to make the commitment toward buying a lot and beginning to build, Orlando Credit Union offers lot loans to make building your dream home even easier. With the option to borrow up to 80%, there are so many reasons to say “yes” to building the home you’ve always wanted.