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Staycations: An Affordable Alternative to Summer Travel

That time of year is finally here. Many of us are beginning preparations for summer travel and gearing up for highly anticipated annual trips. However, this year has made traveling more financially challenging than in the past with rising prices on gas and goods.  If you have had to postpone or cancel this year’s summer adventure, you may want to consider a staycation. You can choose to stay in a local hotel, or simply explore the area around you; regardless, you’ll be saving money while still giving yourself time to relax and embrace your environment. Consider the points below when debating on a staycation this summer.

While this is most likely the main driving factor in your choice of a staycation, it is certainly one of the most important benefits to consider. Choosing a staycation has the potential to cut out hotel expenses, lower transportation costs, and even eliminate pet care if needed. Simply put, a staycation is overall a budget-friendly option.

With everything close by and the assumption that you have a good grasp on the town you are in, efficiency is another benefit to choosing a staycation. If you’ve ever been on a road trip or travelling in an unfamiliar town, you understand the frustration of figuring out how to get around town. In this case, you will already know where to go, the best places to park, and how to navigate the area. This will end up saving you time and irritation, allowing you to maximize your fun.

The best part about a staycation is that you can choose to go at any time of the year. Assuming you are not planning to stay in a hotel, you can simply pick up and go. No need to worry about booking a flight, scheduling pet care, or any other time-sensitive tasks. Additionally, this gives you the option to schedule your staycation two months out or two days out; the options are endless.

Support Locally
Another reason to go on a staycation this year is that it gives you the opportunity to support your local businesses. We all encourage shopping local, but when life gets busy, it can be easy to forget to put that into practice. With the option of a staycation, you are able to slow down and focus on finding the most delicious local cuisine in town or shop the handcrafted jewelry that you’ve always passed in the streets, but never stopped to browse.

Being caught up in the typical hustle and bustle of life can often prevent you from exploring the city you live in. While we just mentioned that staycations give you the ability to support local businesses, they also give you the ability to find new businesses, meet new people, and develop a deeper appreciation for your city. If you do make the decision to opt for a staycation this summer, make it a point to discover at least one new thing. Chances are, you will develop a newfound love of your city all while staying within your budget.