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Reaching Resolutions with Rewards Points Program

As we ring in each new year, it is typically tradition to create a list filled with things we hope to accomplish in the coming year. The items on this list can vary from helping ourselves through diet and exercise, to helping others through donations and volunteering. However, many of us get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, forgetting to accomplish those lists that we repetitively write out year after year. In fact, studies have shown that only 8% of people complete their resolutions. While this number may feel discouraging, there are ways that you can make those goals more attainable for yourself.

Believe it or not, our Rewards points program offers many ways to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions through the vendors available through our everyday banking points redemption system. You can earn points using the Orlando Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card and our new rewards credit card which will be available soon, taking out other qualifying loans with Orlando Credit Union, and so much more. Those points then, in turn, become redeemable for many different services that can help you reach your resolutions.

Hit the Gym
Studies say that the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. This most likely comes as no shock to anyone, as many of us have added this one to our list at one point or another. Gym memberships can be expensive depending on where you choose to workout, and buying gym equipment can also be a challenge to fit into the budget. That’s where our Rewards points program comes in. With the right number of points, you can redeem for exercise equipment, gym memberships, and so much more to get you in shape for 2022.

Clean Up Your Diet
Along with going to the gym, cleaning up your diet is a great way to achieve that resolution of weight loss. You may also simply be looking for ways to better yourself and take care of your body. The foods you put into your body are part of that. Unfortunately, healthy foods can be expensive to purchase and time consuming to make. Our Rewards points program offers gift cards for your favorite grocery stores to take some heat off that weekly bill. If carving out the time to actually cook healthy meals is your downfall, Our Rewards points program has a way to help by offering meal boxes, such as ‘Hello Fresh’ sent straight to your door with the ingredients already pre-portioned for you. With our Rewards points program, fulfilling a healthy eating lifestyle can be easy and affordable.

Travel More
With the past two years restricting travel, it is no secret that many of us are looking forward to the days where we can hop on a plane and explore new places once again. If adding more travel into your lifestyle is your New Year’s resolution, our Rewards points program can make that happen. There are redeemable options for flights, hotels, and even cruises. With limitless possibilities, achieving any travel goals you may have in 2022 is easier than ever with our Rewards points program.

Most of us have dealt with stress over the past year, so making sure we take care of ourselves is important to consider as we start fresh with a new year. While taking care of our bodies with healthy eating and exercise can be considered a form of “self-care,” another way we can put this into practice is by simply relaxing. By this point, it may not come as a surprise to know that our Rewards points program offers luxurious self-care options as well. Members have the choice to redeem their points for spa certificates, so no more excuses. Use your rewards to take care of yourself and start 2022 with a relaxed and stress-free mindset.

Revamp Your Wardrobe
Have you noticed that one pair of jeans that keeps coming with you into each new year? A great way you can start new in 2022 is with a closet clean out. Now, this resolution may be easier said than done. Unfortunately, clothing prices are not always cheap, and it is not always in the budget to revamp your closet. This is just another reason to get excited about all the benefits our Rewards points program can bring. Hundreds of retailers offer redeemable gift cards to make a new wardrobe possible for you. Start the new year stylish with our Rewards points program.

Donate to Charity
With each new year, we learn more about the importance of selflessness and helping others. That is why making a point to give to charity and volunteer is on so many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. This, too, can be done through our Rewards points program. Once you have acquired the points needed, you can donate to the charity of your choice all through the rewards tab.

Have Fun
Through all the self-improvements that come with a New Year’s resolution list, it is also important to make sure you are living each new year to the fullest. Find fun experiences around you to enhance daily life. Try a new restaurant or visit a theme park. Our Rewards points program offers both dining and select theme park options to add a little extra magic to every new day. So, start making your resolutions a reality with our Rewards points program.