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Prioritizing Wellness During Life's Unforeseen Moments

Life is unpredictable. It is often one of the most frustrating factors to consider when structuring your finances, future, and more. When plans go awry or emergencies happen, stress naturally tends to take over our bodies and minds. Not only are we faced with the stress of how to mend the unforeseen circumstance, but we are also expected to cope with financial stress. In these cases our mental well-being usually ends up on the backburner. However, there are many ways you can do your best to prepare for unanticipated turning points.

As we know, the challenge with unforeseen moments is simply that they are unforeseen. If we cannot expect them, how are we supposed to prepare for them? That is where having an emergency fund comes in. While we may put away a small percentage of our paychecks here and there, it is important to prioritize building our savings or emergency fund. Saying, “I’ll wait to start saving until the next paycheck,” is not the best route to take, as we cannot plan when we will need to utilize that emergency fund. So, when is the best time to start saving? Now.

Start now. It seems simple enough, but it is far too often that other expenses tend to beat out our intentions to save. That is why prioritizing your savings is a crucial step in preparing for unanticipated moments. When those moments do eventually happen, having that financial cushion will be beneficial to fall back on. If your financial stress is diminished, it will provide you with one less thing to worry about and will improve your mental wellness in the moment and potentially the long run. Prioritizing saving now will help you prioritize your wellness in the future. 

If you prepare and prioritize you will, ultimately, prevent unnecessary stress during an emergency. When unwarranted situations arise, stress is typically part of the equation. We understand that working through overwhelming and unanticipated change comes with a flood of emotions. Our goal is to make sure you are best prepared for these situations, as to prevent any futile feelings from submerging during a circumstance where emotions are already running high.

Orlando Credit Union offers a variety of savings accounts to provide you with a financial backbone when faced with unforeseen moments. All of our savings accounts offer unlimited deposits, transfers, and withdrawals at an ATM or in person, competitive dividend rates, and more. To find out about the many options we offer, head to the ‘Checking & Savings’ tab on the Orlando Credit Union website.