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Many Small Moves for Big Total Savings

Opportunities to save money day-to-day are not always apparent, and potential cost savings are sometimes so small they seem like more trouble than they are worth. However, a few dollars saved (or not spent) each day can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Do you rely on dry cleaning services for your clothes? This might be necessary for some items, but for others, doing it yourself takes a limited amount of time while saving money. Dress shirts, for example, can be washed with your other clothes and are easily ironed, saving a couple dollars per shirt. And no need to pay someone to fix minor tears or lost buttons – learning to sew is easy, affordable, and not a bad option for a hobby.

Pack a snack
If you’re running errands or socializing, especially between meals, bring a snack in your purse or bag. Unexpected hunger can fuel detours for food, which can easily add up. A quick snack can keep you on the go, on a budget. Buy snacks in bulk to save even more money.

Bottled water is another expense that can be avoided with thoughtful planning. Reusable containers are ubiquitous and thus easy to buy, and can be refilled at restaurants, gas stations, airports, and so on. Save yourself a couple dollars per bottle by bringing your own, and keep yourself hydrated at the same time.

Walk this way
When you have errands or plans to socialize close to home, consider walking instead of driving whenever possible. You’ll save money on fuel and the time driving in circles to find parking. With your snack and bottle of water in your bag, you’ll be ready to go.