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Here to Help You Manage Home-Buying Ups and Downs

Over the years, housing prices in Central Florida have gradually risen higher and higher. For those looking to relocate, expand, or even downsize, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. Because Orlando is a seller’s market, when a homebuyer finds the ideal property for them, there’s pressure to make an offer quickly and sometimes at or above the asking price. This can put a strain on budgets and create concern for buyers, as they watch home prices continue to rise. According to the most recent market recap from Orlando Regional Realtor Association, February 2022 has recorded the highest median home price to date sitting at $345,000. This number reflects a 2.99% increase from the previous month’s median home price. With prices and inventory in a constant state of fluctuation, having flexibility with closing dates, pricing, location, and more can be beneficial to buyers during their search.

Although no one can predict the everchanging housing market, Orlando Credit Union can and will stand by you to provide financial options in these big moments. We have loyally served our members for 86 years and will continue to do so through the ups and downs of the housing market. The credit union is continuously making improvements to existing mortgage products, and we will soon be offering even more financial help for our members through new products. As an Orlando Credit Union member, you can anticipate new servicing options including the ability to escrow, the ability to make partial and principal payments, and the benefit of applying and closing online.

For those that are in the market for a home, we are also preparing more loan options. We understand that providing the funds for an initial down-payment can often make the dream of homeownership seem unattainable. That’s why we are taking action by creating a variety of mortgage loans to fit a wide spectrum of financial situations. From those looking for an affordable down-payment, to those who are hoping to build from the ground up, Orlando Credit Union has some exciting new products in the works that are bound to make it easier for members.

As Orlando Credit Union continues to polish these products, members can prepare for the upcoming options by booking an appointment with one of our loan officers to garner more information. Simply head to the Orlando Credit Union website to schedule a meeting either over the phone or in person. Our loan service experts are seasoned professionals with an overarching goal to help members select the best option for their needs. We will work alongside you to make your dream of homeownership a reality.