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How to Deck Your Halls on a Budget

Stepping into the holiday season can seem overwhelming at times. Between garlands, gifts, and groceries, there is little to cut corners on when it comes to mapping out your holiday budget. It often feels easiest to diminish décor when looking to save, but there are many ways to avoid overspending while still creating a winter wonderland in your own home. 

Shop the Sales 
This one seems like a no-brainer, but you would not believe how many stores have worthwhile sales on their holiday décor. Do your research by looking up your favorite stores online. More often than not, you will be able to find out which stores are offering sales by visiting their websites. Depending on where you prefer to shop, you can find up to 50% off your favorite items well before the season starts. 

Repurpose & Reuse 
Before running to the store with your credit card in hand, take a look at the items you already have in your home. Think creatively and use those items as a “base” for your holiday décor. For example, if you have an empty glass jar laying around, fill it with plastic ornaments to create a festive and unique decoration perfect for a holiday table centerpiece. Festive fillers for jars, decorative bowls, and more can often be found at reasonable prices. This is a great way to stay stylish while staying in budget. 

Stop & Snap a Picture 
Holiday shopping often brings us into stores that we do not typically shop in. This means finding new and exciting products that we would love to purchase and bring home. However, festive decorations in high-end stores typically come with high-end price tags. Instead of caving and making a “splurge” purchase, stop and snap a picture of the item to remember what it looks like. Chances are you will be able to find a cheaper version somewhere else. Keep your eyes peeled at discount stores or look up the item online. If you have no luck there, get crafty and create your own version. 

DIY Décor 
Speaking of getting crafty, there is so much you can do with some glitter, a glue gun, and a little bit of creativity. DIYing, also known as doing it yourself, is a great way to step out of the box and stay in your budget. Remember when it was popular to string popcorn and cranberries together and drape them around the tree? Try it out again and get the whole family involved! Not only are DIY decorations a great way to save, but they can also create new traditions. 

Here are some of our favorite DIY crafts you can try at home: 
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Save Now to Spend Later 
Although you may see some good sales now, the real decoration deals come out around December 26th. If you stick to your budget in early December, chances are you will have some leftover wiggle room to shop sales later in the month. We’re talking 70% to 90% off! Save that discounted décor for the next year to stay debt free with decked halls for the holidays.