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Is Breaking Up with Unwanted Services hard to do?

"I'm just not that into you" is a phrase nobody likes to hear. So how do you say that to services that you no longer need? Let's face it, clicking the subscribe button is easy and often mindless. Many times, we swear that we are only going to keep the said subscription until the free trial ends. Before we know it, months go by, and we are now stuck paying for endless subscriptions that we don't need and are, often times, killing our budget. So how do we first, weed out the subscriptions that we no longer use, and second, keep track of those we want.

Just Say "No"

Take the time to sit down and see which subscriptions are no longer useful for you. If you're not actively using it, you are essentially throwing money down the drain every month. Ask yourself, "do I use this subscription at least 1-2 times per week?" If the answer is no, seriously consider clicking 'unsubscribe.' Here comes the hard part. Waving your mouse over that button has companies chasing after you with discounts and deals to keep you coming back for more. Remember why you opted to cancel that subscription in the first place and do not let a deal persuade you otherwise. Whether you get a 30% discount or not, if that service is not being used, you are losing money regardless.

Resist the Urge to Renew

Another tactic used by companies is the 'pause' button. Many subscription services offer a 3 month pause as an alternative to a complete cancellation. Choosing this option can end up costing you in the long run. After those three months pass, an automatic renewal of the service will appear on your bank statement. This can throw a wrench into your monthly budget. Always opt for complete cancellation. Remember, you can always renew again in the future if you so choose.

Use Apps to Keep Track

Once you eliminate all of the services that you no longer need, make a note of the remaining subscriptions you are paying for. Make sure that these charges are added into your monthly budget. Although you may only be paying $10 a month for a streaming service or $30 a month for a gym membership, those small payments will start to add up. There are many different apps you can use to keep track of your payments. Subscription Manager, Mint: Budget Planner & Tracker, and Truebill Budget & Bill Tracker are a handful of helpful tools you can opt to download to simplify subscription tracking. Taking these steps can improve your financial wellbeing and create flexibility in your budget.