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How Saving Up your Credit Card Points Can Help You Earn Big

There are two types of people in the world: those that save up their credit card points for international flights or grandiose purchases and those that check “yes” every time their credit card provider asks if they’d like to apply the $17.84 cash back they have from that month’s purchases. While it may seem like a great idea to save a few extra bucks when paying off your credit card bills, refraining and saving your points can open up a world of rewards possibilities.
Choose the Right Credit Card
There are a variety of different credit card options available and choosing the right one can help you earn more points at a faster pace. For example, Orlando Credit Union’s Visa Xtreme Rewards Card is a great option for those looking to increase their points rapidly. With receiving 4 points per dollar spent on Amazon and PayPal transactions for the first 12 months, reaching rewards can happen in the blink of an eye. Not to mention, you can also receive 3 points per dollar on gas and travel, 2 points per dollar on dining and groceries, and 1 point per dollar on all other transactions.
To put these numbers into perspective, think about how much you spend filling up your gas tank. If you pay $60 at the pump and use your Visa Xtreme Rewards Card for the transaction, you’ve already earned 120 points. Utilizing a rewards-rich credit card is the first step in achieving big earnings through credit card points.
Give Yourself a Goal
Now that you’ve found the perfect credit card, the next step is to give yourself something to work toward. Providing yourself with a goal upfront creates a pattern of self-discipline. For example, if you have decided that using your points for international travel is your said goal, you will be less likely to redeem points for small amounts of cash back, knowing that you are working toward something larger.
Additionally, creating a goal allows you to actively use the credit card in which you are earning points through. This can, in turn, keep you on top of credit card bills, help increase your credit score through card utilization, and more. All that to say, working toward a reward goal can actually benefit card users in more ways than one.
Do Your Research
If you are unsure of what your chosen credit card provider offers regarding point redemption, do your research. While many credit cards provide similar rewards, each card is unique in its offerings. In the case of Orlando Credit Union’s Visa Xtreme Rewards Card, our Rewards points program allows card users to redeem points for merchandise, fuel redemption, airline tickets, hotel, car rental, and more. That said, perusing your credit card’s points program and finding specific rewards you hope to redeem will give you motivation to work toward your goals.
Reap Your Rewards
Now for the fun part! There is no better feeling than knowing a luxury item or lavish trip is fully paid for in credit card points. Although it takes discipline to track and save your points, once it comes time to redeem those points, all of your hard work comes to fruition in a tangible way. The best part? Those rewards are easily earned through everyday expenses. By simply strategizing specific card usage and developing the discipline to save points, sizeable earnings are easily achievable. Find out more about Orlando Credit Union’s rewards-rich Visa Xtreme Rewards Credit Card by visiting or speaking with one of our team members at any of our branch locations.