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Holiday Help with Credit Card Rewards

The Positives of Credit Card Points When Gift Shopping

The holiday season is just around the corner, and last year the average household spent roughly $1,500 on gifts for their loved ones. While some may say there is no better feeling than watching somebody’s face light up as they open a gift, there is no worse feeling than checking your bank account after the holiday season and realizing that you may have exceeded your budget. Fortunately, there are ways to maneuver holiday shopping without breaking the bank.

Credit Cards
That’s right! If you are not an active credit card user, the idea of swiping such a powerful piece of plastic may seem daunting. However, the benefits of having and using a credit card can be endless. During the holidays specifically, this boils down to the points system offered on a variety of credit cards. When used responsibly, swiping your card can be a helpful holiday shopping tool to maximize rewards. You might even be able to add a little something extra in your own stocking.

The Perks of Points
Now that we know the points system is out there, how does it work? Orlando Credit Union partners with Ampre, a cash back rewards system, to amplify your rewards whenever you use our Visa Platinum Credit Card. Simply use your card with any of the merchants that partner with the program and automatically receive bonus points on your purchases. Points per dollar vary by merchant, and the rewards can quickly add up. With participating merchants constantly changing and rotating, card users have endless opportunities to take advantage of offers. This includes big name brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and more.

Cash Out, Cash In
Whether you are a spender or a saver by nature, holiday shopping can take a toll on just about anybody’s wallet. However, racking up rewards can make the process feel much more manageable. Redeeming these rewards comes in a variety of options and can soften the blow of that holiday credit card bill. With Orlando Credit Union’s Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can redeem your built-up points for entertainment, merchandise, travel, or cash back.

Easing Holiday Bills
For holiday shoppers that are new to our Visa Platinum Credit Card, applying now is a great way to jump on the extensive rewards offered just in time for the holiday season. As previously mentioned, the Ampre rewards system that is connected with this specific card will allow you to build bonus points on rewards throughout your holiday shopping nationally, locally, and online. Yes, even online! Orlando Credit Union knows how busy the lives of our cardholders can get, and we want you to have the opportunity to maximize rewards from wherever you are. Additionally, those that already have the Visa Platinum Credit Card can use their points to redeem gift cards, hot tech items, and so much more. Using the points you already have can, in turn, cut your holiday bills and allow you to stay on budget.

How to Get Started
For those shoppers who are anxious to get started on their holiday lists, we’ve made it easy to move one step closer to redeemable rewards. Apply for our Visa Platinum Credit Card online. There you will find more information on what the card offers, what the benefits are, and the potential rewards you’ll be able to take advantage of. So stop stressing and start shopping with Orlando Credit Union’s Visa Platinum Credit Card today.