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Finding Deals and Steals During the Holiday Season

There is nothing quite like the deals and discounts you can find in stores from November to January. Seasonal sales can be big money savers during the holidays, but it takes some strategy and searching to find the best ways to save. It all comes down to doing the research, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

The What 
Do you typically make a list of items when planning your holiday shopping? Are you more of a “go with the flow” shopper? When it comes to snagging deals, you are most likely better off with a pre-planned list of the items you know you want. This tactic works two-fold. First, it will make errands easy and efficient. Walking the mall aimlessly during the holidays can be a stressful task, especially if you are unsure of what you plan to buy. Having a written list will create a less stressful shopping experience. Additionally, a pre-planned list will allow you to keep your eyes on the prize. Deals and doorbusters tend to go fast during the holidays. If you know what you are planning to buy in advance, you can keep tabs on the product by monitoring the changing prices and making sure you grab it before it sells out. 

The Where 
Holiday shopping can often feel like a sensory overload with the number of emails, signs, and commercials you see in a two-month span from big box stores. No two deals are alike. Each store is competing with the next to give customers the biggest deal they can offer. The “where” is important in this case because it can be the determining factor in saving a few dollars. When it comes to holiday shopping, every dollar counts. While scouring the internet for each store’s sales can get you the answers you are looking for, one of the biggest hacks in finding out where to save is by downloading each store’s app. If they are offering a big doorbuster, it will be front and center once you open the app. So make a list of each store that carries the items you are looking for and start downloading. If you want to be really on top of your game, you can even turn notifications on to be alerted when new deals drop. 

The When 
As we all know, big deals are only temporary. They are constantly changing throughout the holiday season. So how can we tell if we are getting the best deal or if we should hold off for something better to come along? First, know which items you are shopping for. As we discussed earlier, having your list ready can be the determining factor in snagging that deal. Many experts claim that the best time of the season to shop some of the big items, such as gaming consoles, popular toys, and appliances, is on Black Friday. According to Business Insider, we should turn our attention to Cyber Monday deals when shopping laptops, travel, and clothing. However, if you missed either of those shopping windows, there are still many other sales that surface throughout the holidays. 

Shop Sooner than Later 
It can sometimes feel like the best course of action is to wait for any potential last-minute sales. However, this is not the year to procrastinate on your shopping list. Demand is high and supply is lower than normal. A survey by Deloitte reports that 64% of retail executives are concerned that packages will arrive late this year. So get a jump start on your shopping so that you can wow the loved ones in your life without breaking the bank this holiday season.