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Are You Falling in Love with Your Finances?

February. It is typically referenced as the most romantic month of the year. However, the beginning of February signifies the end of January, which means that statistically 80% of those who made New Year's resolutions have already failed. For those of us who made a commitment to better our finances in 2022, we may have started feeling discouraged from the limitations a budget can bring. It is hard to focus on the benefits of a healthy relationship with our finances when distractions are in the way. This brings us to the importance of enjoying budgeting. Yes, it is possible, and it starts with changing your mindset.

Money Mindset

Most things in life can be impacted through your mindset. If you constantly think about how you don't have enough money and can't get a grasp on your finances, you will, in turn, reflect those thoughts through your actions. If you change your mindset to think positively, it will make tasks like saving money less daunting in your mind. For example, instead of begrudgingly mapping out your monthly finances, remind yourself that preparation and planning will eliminate stress when monthly bills come around. Remember, a good mindset is a positive one.

Point Towards the Positives

Positivity is a key factor when it comes to "falling in love" with your finances. Think about it. If you are in love, there is a good chance you developed that feeling after recognizing a variety of positive traits your partner possesses. You enjoy spending time with them and would probably admit that they positively impact your quality of life. The same goes with your finances. Instead of thinking about the inconvenience budgeting may bring, think of all of the ways staying on top of your finances will help you in the long run. Rather than dwelling on the fact that you may have to say “no” to a shopping spree, remember that you are saving so that you can say “yes” to larger opportunities down the road.

Find Room for Fun

Being financially frugal is not to say that you can never have fun with your money. In fact, fun is another important part of a healthy relationship. Now, fun and financial recklessness are two very different things, so it is important not to mix the two. Make sure you are still living within your means. The best way to ensure you still have moments of fun amid budgeting would be to do just that. Budget fun into your weekly allowances. Make financial goals for yourself and offer rewards if you achieve those goals. For example, if you successfully bring lunch from home to the office Monday through Thursday, take yourself out to lunch on Friday. Finding ways to make finances fun can help you achieve budgeting bliss and even allow you to fall in love with your finances. If you're not sure how to take the first step, Orlando Credit Union offers many helpful resources including debt consolidation loans and more.