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Buying Or Selling A Home During COVID-19

The concept of buying or selling a home might seem like an odd topic considering the current economic situation. Unemployment is high and the pandemic doesn’t appear to be subsiding. Nevertheless, circumstance dictates need. This article goes over some home buying/selling facts that you should be aware of in case you’re in the market. 

First thing to note is that home buying is just as competitive as ever. It’s understandable how many would think the market would be more barren considering the financial climate. However, with lower interest rates, people are being incentivized to buy homes.

Second thing to note is contrary to popular thinking, people are in fact trying to sell their homes. Self-service options are becoming more and more prevalent. This means sellers are going to become more and more likely to put their homes on the market themselves during the age of social distancing.

Third thing to note is that home prices are not changing drastically. If you’re thinking the prices are going to drop because of the virus, that’s probably not the case. Like in most any other time in history, the cost of a home is going to depend on trends and location. 

Fourth thing to note is a public safety suggestion. Don’t feel you need to go visit a home in person in order to make a well-informed decision. Realtors can use phones and tablets to show off a house just fine. Don’t put anyone at risk to see the inside of a house.