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4 Ways Your Business Can Become More Resilient

Find opportunity in adversity. Don't just mitigate risk as means of restoring what was. Instead, look to create competitive advantage by adapting to an ever-changing marketplace and finding ways to make your business better.
Get comfortable with change. Build a culture that is open to experimentation and learning. Making frequent, incremental changes is less risky than introducing big changes all at once and may help employees become more open to change.
Value diversity. Be open to ideas and different ways of thinking from different sources such as employees, customers, and other industries. Being able to find alternative solutions depends on being able to see things in new and different ways.
Align with partners that are committed to your success. In today’s world, no one business can do everything well. Look for partners who take time to understand what is important to your business and who demonstrate commitment in being part of your success.

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