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Skip-A-Pay is here for the Holidays!

Free up your budget in December so you can complete your holiday wishlist. This is the perfect time to consider skipping your eligible loan payment, all for a nominal fee of $30. Restrictions apply.*

The following loans do not qualify for Skip-a-Payment: Real estate loans, holiday loans, credit cards, member appreciation loans, lease loans, delinquent loans, loans open for less than 90 days, work-out loans, charged off loans, TDR (trouble debt restructure) loans, repossessed, bankruptcy 7 & 13, loans paid by 3rd parties (i.e. Insurance companies), or any loan previously extended throughout an 11-month rolling calendar year.

To take ADVANTAGE of Skip-a-Pay:

  • Call 407.835.3500 to speak to a representative.
  • Stop by a branch location.


*There is a processing fee of $30 per loan skipped. The fee can be debited from your Share Savings, Checking, or Money Market account. If there are insufficient funds to cover the fee, the Loan payment(s) in question will NOT be skipped and will be considered late if payment(s) are not made by the normal due date(s). Skipped payment(s) shall result in an extended Loan Term with more periodic payments and interest shall continue to accrue on the unpaid Loan balance during any skipped payment period. Members who have purchased GAP coverage are responsible for skipped payment(s) in the event of a claim deficiency as stated in the GAP waiver addendum. All other terms and provisions of the original Loan agreement (s) are unchanged and remain in full force and effect. Orlando Credit Union reserves the right to cancel or revoke this offer at any time. Member must have at least $5 in Ownership share account with no negative Share balances and no Loan delinquencies greater than 29 days to qualify.